When Dad Lies To His Little Girl Every Single Day, She Finds Out, Now - Active Faith Sports

April 22, 2019 2 min read

As parents, we try our best to love our children and shield them from unpleasant aspects of life that are not so rosy.  We work to show them God's love and Jesus' peace, so that they can also show love to others.  In our efforts to help them grow in love, we must sometimes make sacrifices.  In this video, one father does his best to do just that and show his daughter the best parts of life and shield her from the not so good ones.   
(Photo Credit:  YouTube Screenshot)
One thing is for sure, this is a tear jerker.  It starts out showing the daughter's perspective on how amazing her life is and how wonderful her father is; then it switches gears.  After telling you how amazing her daddy is, the little girl drops a bomb: "but daddy lies" and as we watched it, we couldn't help but think the worst.
Instead of bad mouthing her father, she retells the beautiful imagery from before by intertwining the harsh reality of their life that her father tries so hard to shield her from. Daddy lies that he is happy and not hungry, but in reality, he is; but he lies to his daughter so she will be happy, won't be hungry, and won't know that they are poor. 

This is am amazing reminder of the sacrifices parents will make for their children.  Watch the video below and see if it does not move you to tears.  It's a beautiful depiction of what it means to show Jesus' love no matter the circumstances.  We pray that this blesses you.  Please share with a loved one who would appreciate this, too.  Amen!

Sometimes, it's just nice to see a reminder of how beautiful life can be if we walk in love... 

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