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April 19, 2019 2 min read

Birds are pretty magnificent creatures. They are probably way smarter than we give them credit for, but discovering how, is probably the most of the fun of all! One bird owner, who lovingly calls her pet Mr. Magoo, knows this firsthand. In fact, Mr. Magoo has a Facebook page dedicated to his antics. 

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The bird, Mr. Magoo, is an African Grey. And in his bio on Facebook, it simply says: African Grey TALENTED. At first this may sound like an overstatement, but when you get to know Mr. Magoo, you’ll see exactly why “TALENTED” is in all caps. 

He seems to love his life at home with his human family. In one of the photos on Facebook, he’s even enjoying what appears to be a shower in the sink! 


(Photo Credit:  Facebook / Mr Magoo


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But from the first day he came home on June 29, 2015, according to Facebook, he has been spreading joy. Now, he’s just a little more popular!

 (Photo Credit:  Facebook / Mr Magoo)  

Three years ago, he delighted fans with his “Push Me !!!” video. So before we get you to the main event, let’s take a pause and see another one of his antics. As you can see below, Mr. Magoo is a little demanding. But his “mom” knows just how to handle it. She gives him some encouragement to do it himself. Watch the video, Mr. Magoo will have you in stitches! Oh and listen closely, he’s got a lot more to say!

Alas, of course, the “Push Me !!!” video is not the reason why you’re here, but it was definitely entertaining. It just goes to show you that Mr. Magoo is a character and he has been that way for years. The video was filmed in April 13, 2016. Now, let’s watch the adorable critter and see how he responds when “mom” plays his least favorite song. He is just too too funny! 

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We hoped this brought you a little bit of joy today, as it definitely put a smile on ours! 

Have a great day and don't forget to visit!


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