Giving Back

Each year, Active Faith Sports donates thousands of dollars worth of gear to missions trips, orphanages, homeless shelters and more as a way to help those in need as Christ has instructed.

Active Faith has been blessed with an opportunity to reach so many people because of the high visibility of sports and the athletes who wear the apparel. In the future we plan to establish a non-profit foundation of Active Faith because we are not only a brand, but a ministry. Likewise we plan to target a number of charities that we will partner with individually each year to maximize the number of people who can benefit from Active Faith.

We are currently choosing from a number of charities to partner with that we will be donating portions of our proceeds to. Giving back and loving others is the Christian way and as a Christian brand we intend on making those values an integral part of everything we do. As we expand, Active Faith will be outfitting and providing sports apparel to the athletic teams for Christian schools all across the country.

Building relationships with churches and the Christian community is very important to us and we plan to have a presence at the many church sports leagues and functions that occur every year. More than ever it seems athletes are more open about expressing their faith and being bold about their love for Christ. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement that is spreading the Gospel to so many people.

"As a Christian company, giving back is a big part of who we are and what we do” "-– Lanny Smith



Kenya (Lakewood Church)

Active Faith gear was donated to orphans in Kenya on the Lakewood Church mission trip.


Active Faith gear given to children at an orphanage in Guatemala.

Houston (Womens Shelter)

Donated over $10,000 worth of Active Faith women's apparel to the womens shelter in Houston.

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